2009 MVP Race

What is the most important factor in determining who should be MVP?

There are two prevailing arguments:

  • a) The MVP is the best player on the best team.
  • b) The MVP is the player that makes the biggest difference
  • A)

    Historically, the first argument has held true. “Best” can, of course, be a relative term. Charles Barkley & Karl Malone each won MVP trophies in seasons where it was clear that Michael Jordan was the best player on the best team. But in both of those cases, the Suns and Jazz were dominating the league and each player was having an particularly outstanding season.

    When we look at it this way, we are left with only two options: Kobe or LeBron.

    Let’s say the Lakers win 3 more regular season games than the Cavs at the end of the season. Here, you can make a strong case for Kobe. The Lakers compete in the tougher Western Conference.


    If the Lakers and Cavs or even (or the Cavs are ahead), that might tip the scales to LeBron.

    So why is Dwayne Wade in the conversation? This brings us to the second argument. Wade is having an outstanding season and his presence has elevated the Heat from a 15-win atrocity to a solid, playoff-bound team.

    You can make a strong case that Wade is having the most spectacular season as an individual, but if *team dominance* truly counts, the only true contenders are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe wins again, but LeBron is fast on his heels.

    LeBron & The Infamous Crab Dribble

    Jalen Rose had spot-on analysis on the controversy over whether LeBron James traveled when making his move to the basket again the Wizards.

    LeBron James has defended the play by saying that he simply did a crab dribble, a move he does all the time. James, in a perhaps in a shrewd PR move, has made the conversation center on whether his crab dribble is a legal move.

    A crab dribble is definitely legal. It simply means that the player is moving laterally while making his dribble. In his move against the Caron Butler, James begins to back him down and then does the crab dribble as he moves laterally to get around Butler.

    That’s all perfectly legal. The traveling violation occured *after* the crab dribble as Jalen Rose explained on ESPN…