Ridiculously Technical

Amare’ Stoudemire is having an MVP-caliber year in his first season as a New York Knick, but currently has the dubious distinction of being tied for first place in technical fouls. With his current total of 13 technical fouls, he is dangerously close to the limit of 16, which would result in a 1 game suspension.

Stoudemire is a fan favorite and his bombastic nature is part of what makes him so likable; especially in the never-toned-down Big Apple. But clearly his on-the-court demeanor has not won the affection of the referees.

As I previous argued, the current “no emotion allowed” policy of the NBA puts your average player in an impossible conundrum: play with all the heart and intensity of a winner, but do not react in the slightest when the referees make a bad call.

Worse yet, the limit of 16 technical fouls means fans will be deprived of watching some of the best players in the league (Dwight Howard, another fan favorite and one of the game’s best, is currently tied with Stoudemire)

The NBA needs to either increase the technical foul limit or cut the players more slack. I understand that the NBA is trying to polish its product, but no business succeeds by taking its product off the shelves.