Gallinari developing quickly

When the Knicks drafted Danilo Gallinari, the Theatre at Madison Square Garden roared with boos.  I was the only one of my friends, and one of the few in the building, that was excited. “Forza Italia! Forza Gallinari!” I shouted. The Garden shouted louder.

When Gallo hurt his back in a summer league game a few weeks later, the jeers grew worse. Not only did the Knicks use their lottery pick on an unproven player (when there were so many well known college players on the draft board), but now at 20 years old he had a bad back. The 2008-09 season that followed gave little hope as Danilo sat out to rest and recover.

Now at 21 years of age, Gallo leads the NBA in three pointers in this 2009-10 season, and he has been a strong contributor in the Knicks’ climb in the Eastern Conference standings.