LeBron Deserved MVP

Lebron James 2009 NBA MVPLet me start by saying that LeBron James had a phenomenal season and that he was more than deserving of this year’s MVP.

You’d be crazy to say that LeBron shouldn’t have won the award (so I won’t say that).

But it strikes me a little funny that while Kobe Bryant has been the best basketball player in the world for roughly the last 10 years, he has only one MVP trophy to show for his accomplishments.

It should come as no surprise that politics is a major factor when it comes to MVP. James is the most marketable player in the world right now and there’s no time like the present to crown him as the NBA’s undisputed leader.

The indiscretion, shall we say, from Bryant’s past seems to be the main reason why he doesn’t have multiple MVP awards.